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Rugged Windows & Android Tablets, Phones & PDAs


Mobile devices cost the most not when
they're purchased, but when they fail.


The average tablet repair or replacement time is 2 weeks with 24% of businesses experiencing a repair/replace time in excess of 1 month.


TABLET TECHNOLOGIES have consistently averaged
a 2 day repair time over the last 2 years.

TIMELY support is essential to achieve low TCO.

Welcome to

In a nutshell we sell tablet computers,
PDAs and smartphones.

Our mission is to empower mobile workforces in every environment to accomplish more with outstanding technology.

We do this by focusing on matching the perfect technology to our client’s needs and supplying rugged devices with an outstanding support service that ensures a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

on product choice

on device configuration

on delivery and support

Comprehensive DEVICE RANGE to match your needs

We have a comprehensive range of 15 high quality, rugged mobile devices; more than any other manufacturer. This empowers us to match the perfect technology to our client’s needs. Whether you require a handheld device or a larger tablet, running Windows or Android, there will be a model from our CONKERTAB range of devices to suit you.

All of our devices meet a minimum of IP65 which means they are sealed from dust and water and have no moving parts. Additionally, all devices are rigorously drop tested as well as being designed to be constantly duty cycled and operate through high and low extremes of temperature.

Our devices are CUSTOM BUILT in the UK to your exact specification

At Tablet Technologies we focus on delivering solutions rather than limiting our clients with set SKUs - the ability to offer customisation is key. We build and configure in the UK to exactly your specification which means you can have anything you need and also you only pay for what you require.

We're driven to provide you with the perfect tool you need for your project which is why many of our devices support a range of options beyond the configuration of memory, storage and operating system. That can include the integration of a barcode scanner, RFID, NFC, Magstripe, Smart card or fingerprint reader.


SERVICE AND SUPPORT that far exceeds that of the biggest names in the industry.

Time is the most powerful currency of the 21st century, hence supplier responsiveness is more important than ever. That’s why we keep a public scorecard of our achievements in delivery and support.


Technology can only be empowering when it is working; staff downtime can quickly become more expensive than the technology itself. That is why Tablet Technologies are a service centred business with a core focus on a fast response to service and repairs.

Total cost of ownership

Mobile devices cost the most not when
they're purchased but when they fail.

Independent industry data reports the failure rate for non-rugged devices to be an astounding 18% per year on average compared with only 3% for rugged devices.

Tablet Comparison

2 Alternatives to Panasonic Toughpad & Getac Rugged Tablets in a side by side comparison of 4 rugged tablets.

Custom Design

We welcome custom design projects, take a look at some recent projects.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Tecno Diagnostics are using Rugged Windows Tablets for UK vehicle enforcement

Marine Conservation

Mauritius Marine Conservation are using Rugged Windows Tablets out on the water

Emergency Services

SARbot UK are using Rugged Windows Tablets to assist with underwater rescue

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